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The Greek Philosophical Schools

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according to Europe’s earliest ‘history of philosophy’

Towards a new pioneering critical edition of Philodemus’ Arrangement of the Philosophers

[History of the Garden] or Epicureorum Index

The [History of the Garden] (PHerc. 1780) consists in a succession of Epicurean philosophers from Epicurus to (at least) Dionysius of Lamptre. According to the last editor, the extended focus on some Epicurean lives and the richness of details and evidence (including testaments) reflect the personal involvement of the author, who was himself an Epicurean philosopher and had also at his disposition a large amount of documents from the archive of the school. Unlike On Epicurus (PHerc. 1289 and PHerc. 1232) and the Epicurean Records (PHerc. 1418 and PHerc. 310) but analogously to the two major Indices, the book does not show any trace of partiality.